Student Government

Student Government

The Student Government has been divided into the following committees:

  • Academic Committee
  • Annual Festival Committee
  • Cafeteria Committee
  • Cultural Committee
  • Hostal Management Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • (Student members on) Placement Committee

Election Procedure

Annual Elections are generally held in February/March.

The current 1st, 2nd and 3rd year B.E. batches will take part in the elections. In case some of the elected members from the 3rd year go out for their B.E. projects (during their one-year term of service), the respective committees may co-opt (i.e. appoint) new members so as to maintain the total strength of the committee.

First year M.E.,MBA,MCA Students will participate in the elections.

In case of MS-IT students, their membership will be valid only as long as they are on campus. There will not be any replacement when they leave for their internships.

Elections for all Committees will be done using a Preferential Voting system: For a Committee with ‘n’ members from a constituency, every voter in that constituency will vote for ‘n’ persons, specifying these names in order of preference. In case of only one member from a constituency, the mode will automatically become a simple majority vote.

A person can contest in elections for the next term while holding a post in the current term, as long as he/she satisfies the respective eligibility criteria.

A person cannot hold more than one post in a term. A person can stand for only one post in an election.

Anyone who is not on either academic or disciplinary probation can contest in the elections for all the committees, except for the academic committee (which needs additional criteria listed below).

Functions of Various Committees

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee will act as an interface between the student community and the faculty for academic issues. All suggestions regarding academic issues will be brought to this Committee, which, after discussion and consultation, will pass on the suggestions to the appropriate Institute Committee.

Uder Graduate Committee (UGC) 2 Members

  • 1 - 2nd year
  • 1 - 3rd year

Post-Graduate Committee (PGC) - 2 Members

  • 1 from M.E. + MBA + MCA
  • 1 from M.E. + MBA

Resource Centre Committee (RCC)- 1 Member

To be eligible for election to the Academic Committee, the student must satisfy the following CPI criteria:

Undergraduates Minimum C.P.I. of 2.5

Post-graduates Minimum C.P.I. of 3.0

The representatives should not have secured an ‘F’ Grade in any course.

Annual Festival Committee

The Committee will be responsible for the organization of the Annual Festival(s) of the Institute.The committee will be elected as a single body. The division into sub-committees will be left to the elected Committee.

All contestants for the committee will be asked to mention their one/two specialized fields of interest (such as event management, sponsorship, etc.) and also state their willingness to work on any sub-committee.

Cultural Committee

To organize cultural events and competitions on campus. To oversee the forming of team(s) from Nagaji for participation in other college fests and external events. One woman member will be co-opted to the Committee in case none gets elected through the election process.

Cafeteria Committee

The Cafeteria Committee will be responsible for all functions related to the Cafeteria, which will include: decisions regarding menus and prices, maintenance of health and hygiene in the kitchens as well as the eating areas. Though partially nominated by the HMC, the Cafeteria Committee will be a completely autonomous body.

The Cafeteria Committee may possibly include 1-2 members from the faculty and non-teaching staff, in addition to the student members mentioned in the table.

Sports Committee

To organize various sports related activities and competitions on campus. To collaborate with external entities to promote sports in Nagaji and our relations with other colleges. One woman member will be co-opted to the Committee in case none gets elected through the standard procedure.

Placement Committee

To act as an interface between the Placement Cell and students and provide a means to exercise the Right to Information of the students in relation to their placement. Drafting of the Placement Policy of the college and preparation and organisation of the Placement Fair on campus.

Hostal Management Council

Enriching Hostal life, ensuring proper residential facilities in the Hostal, reporting all maintenance-related complaints to appropriate personnel, and following up on these complaints until the work is satisfactorily completed. The HMC will also have the authority to make decisions relating to Hostal life, and ensure their implementation on behalf of the residents of the Hostal.