Social Orientation

Social Orientation

Nagaji Group of institutions is dedicated to the social causes in and around Gwalior for the welfare and upliftment of poor, oppressed and disabled. Measures undertaken by Nagaji Group of institutions are solely on its own initiative for the betterment of society in general.

Community Service

Nagaji Group of institutions undertakes various measures in surrounding villages like helping in poor girl’s marriage, helping in weaker section of society marriages, helping in education of poor children’s. It also helps in rehabilitation of oppressed and disabled persons.

Medical Assistance

Nagaji Group of institutions with its own initiative conducts free health check up camps on regular basis for elderly poor and provides them free medical consultancy. It also provides free medical assistance to poor people.

Environment Protection

Nagaji Group of institutions on time to time, builds up campaign for the plantation of various plants in surroundings of Gwalior for creating awareness and protecting our environment.