Marketing Club

Marketing club formed by the students of marketing specialization organizes marketing and branding related activities within the campus. The activities of the club in the recent past include Business Quiz, Mad Ad contests, Pick and speak, Product Launch and many others.

Media Club

Media club enhances the visibility of NITM in print media. The media club prepares press releases after every major event increasing the visibility of the Institute.

Yoga and Meditation club

A yoga and meditation club is created with in NGI campus for meditation and yoga where any one can come and attend equilibrium of the mind and body. It is a great exercise to de-stress the mind and to feel spiritual power and to discover ones inner conscience.

Music & Dance Club

Music & Dance club is a platform for student members to participate in the classical concerts & rock- shows and also to create their own bands for performing and showcasing their own talent. Club members showcase their interest in the various forms of Indian and western dances and practices to fine tune and perform.

Ecology Club

The club takes care for the ecology & environment protection issues within the campus and surroundings. It recommends the ways & means to reduce carbon contents responsible for harm & damage to the Earth’s eco- system. A road map to convert the campus into green campus is being prepared with the help of ecology club.

Project Development Club

It is an excellent club for the students to make projects of there choices and integrate with other members of the club to make functionally and indigenous models and instruments which can be of practical use.

Literary Club

It is dedicated to student sharing literary interests. The aim of this club is to offer a relaxing and intellectual platform for students to exchange ideas, emotions and theories on selective readings through creative writing, debating and quizzing. The editorial board conducts regular competitions to encourage these talents.

Science & Technology club

In the era of science, NGI is running a science club for the last seven years and organize various activities throughout the year. The objectives of this are to stimulate interest in sciences activities among students. The club provides opportunities for the students to develop the innovative ideas and creativity.