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Message from Chairman

Welcome to Nagaji Group of institutions

I have had the privilege to be at the helm of the Nagaji group of Institutions since the very beginning, and I have had the unique pleasure of witnessing thousands of careers taking off and dreams coming true, as our students turn to face the world, emboldened by their experience at Nagaji Group of institutions and there desire to start something big.You are reading this message because you too, are looking forward to start something that you hope will transform you life, your career and even the planet! By acquiring this Application kit, I am confident you have taken the first steps towards making that transformation happen.

I have unflinching belief in the values and beliefs that form the core of the Nagaji Group of institutions, Experience-an intensive program of serious study, focused self-development and real-world exposure that builds into a definitive career trajectory for each of our students.

Mr. Pratap Singh Tomar

Over the years, we have come to pride on our “Merit as the only currency accepted” philosophy for admission. Nagaji Group of institutions has never “sold a seat” nor do we believe in the practice of colleting donations or capitation fees or allow influence or lobbying to affect our admission process. Complete transparency and equal opportunity for all has been the Nagaji Educational Empire bedrock principles for admissions.

Do you want the power to transform lives, businesses and the planet? Let’s get started!

Mr. Pratap Singh Tomar
Nagaji Group of institutions